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We’re here to work alongside you, for the benefit of our shared contractor base

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The success of DoctorPay is largely based on strong, trusted relationships with reputable recruitment agencies.

Compliance is key

We’re confident that upon review of our compliance materials, you’ll see that we have more than adequate provision in place to work with your contractors.

We understand what you need

Our aim is for total transparency of our function, therefore, once we have established our relationship, we’ll happily accept requests for documentaion re-laing to contractors that we may have in common. Providing such requests fall within the rules of GDPR, we’ll be happy to work with you in order to fulfil your due diligence requirements.

Systems that help you, and your contractors

Our payroll system is designed for speed and accuracy. We guarantee contractors same day payments that will be correct the first time, every time. Contractors will have 24/7 access to their own portal online from any compatible device. Here they can access contract details, pay slips and the status of pending payment.

Our goal is to develop successful, happy working relationships with agencies, ensuring both parties are able to work well together to serve our contractors better.

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